A Tablecloth for Maggie

Maggie's Tablecloth & Napkins - detail

Maggie's Tablecloth & Napkins - detail

A tablecloth and napkins I made for my niece’s playhouse, on the occasion of her 4th birthday.


  • Bedsheet left over from a quilting project
  • Iron-on flowers
  • Fringe
  • Coordinating thread

1. As per usual, wash, dry and iron fabric. I hate this part.

2. Measure the table and add 4 inches for overhang, plus 1 inch seam allowances all round (that means the table measurements plus 5 inches on each side). Cut fabric to the measurements, press and hem.

2. The napkins are about half the size of an adult-sized napkin. You can make it up. I do. Cut and hem from same material.

3. Pin fringe onto tablecloth, then sew. Iron on patches according to directions.

Too easy. Too fun.

Maggie's Tablecloth & Napkins

Maggie's Tablecloth & Napkins


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