A Rice Pillow

This project is ridiculously easy, a good starter for new sewers looking to cut their teeth. I’ve been wanting a rice pillow for my aching neck for a long time.

Step 1: Choose some fabric. You can use virtually anything, as long as it’s microwaveable–a dish or tea towel, a fabric napkin, a handkerchief–the finished edges are a bonus! I used a piece of flannel receiving blanket. Cut fabric to desired dimensions (with pinking shears, if edges are not finished). Mine’s about 16.5 in. x 12 in., but the size depends on the intended purpose, so it’s up to you.


Step 2: Fold fabric in half width-wise, right sides facing each other, and press the folded edge to create a crease. Pin all edges.


Step 3: Sew two sides of the fabric closed, removing pins as you go. No need to sew along the creased side! My seams are just over 1/4 inch, which is the space from the needle to the edge of the presser foot.



Step 4: Turn fabric right side out. Turn fabric of open edge under 1/2 inch and press.


Step 5: Top-stitch along the open edge, leaving it half open to add filling. Top-stitching is done on the top of (obviously) and very close to the edge of the fabric. If you are so inclined, you can top-stitch along the other edges for a more complete look. This will also make the pillow more secure.


Step 6: Add filling. I used regular long-grain white rice, but you could alter the project to create any number of things, like bean bags, throw pillows or potpourri sachets. I poured the rice into the pillow using a sheet of paper rolled into a cone, filling the pillow about half-full.


Step 7: Sew the other half of the open edge closed. Done! Of course, we tried it out immediately. I heated it in the microwave on high for 1 minute.



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