Birthday Scarves

These scarves are loosely based on this tutorial from “Sew, Mama, Sew!”. Happy birthdays, sister Amy and brother Kyle!













Amy’s scarf was made from one piece of flannel, with low-loft batting inside. I quilted horizontal lines about every 3-4 inches to keep the batting in place. The buttons are purely decorative. I kept it long enough to be doubled ’round the neck. Simple and versatile.













Kyle’s scarf was much more involved. Much more. It’s flannel on one side and corduroy on the other, with low-loft batting sandwiched between the two layers. I quilted this one every 8 inches, following the color blocks on the flannel side. Then I sewed one wooden toggle button on the flannel side and one on the corduroy side so they’re back-to-back;  I actually used one piece of thread (doubled) and sewed through both buttons simultaneously. Mirrored on the other half of the scarf is a hand-stitched buttonhole (following this tutorial from “Craft Stylish”). Thus, the scarf is reversible, with the button closure at the center of the chest. Whew!


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