These cute little candy cane cover ornaments are based on this tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens. However, I added a loop of hemp so they can be hung on the Christmas tree, and sewed them so they can be enjoyed for many Christmases in the years to come (without falling apart). Gifts for my nieces and nephew: check!

The Tutorial for Sewn Pony Ornaments

Download and print the pattern from Better Homes & Gardens. Cut out the pattern and tape it to the felt with masking tape. Cut out the head shapes with pinking shears, and the ears and mane with regular scissors. For the head, I folded one piece of felt over and taped it with masking tape so the two pieces would match up exactly.

Sew the ears onto the mane.

Sew the hemp (or twine) loop onto the mane. Add a small drop of Elmer’s glue to the ends of the hemp to doubly-secure. Set aside to dry.

Sew on button eyes, one for each side of the head, taking care to not sew the two sides of the head together.

Use one piece of rick rack to go around both head pieces, with both ends of the rick rack ending up at the back of the neck. Fold the rick rack to the inside of the two head pieces and pin. Repeat this step with rick rack around the nose part of the head.

Position the ears & mane between the two head pieces and pin.

I found that at this point it is easiest to sew on the rick rack, just where it is sandwiched between the head pieces. This will also attach a bit of the mane, but I would keep the mane pinned in place whilst you sew it on completely.

Sew the two head pieces together, beginning at the base of the neck, catching the mane and rick rack as you go, working your way around the whole head to the other side of the neck. Don’t forget to lock your stitches, and leave an opening at the bottom to insert candy cane.

In theory, you could hand sew this, but I had too many to do!

And for the full effect, here it is with a candy cane on the tree.


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