A Nook

The Cushion

The “seat” cushion a large piece of rectangular foam that I bought in the craft section of Walmart, cut to  desired dimensions. I simply sewed a large pillowcase for it out of very plush fabric, inserted the foam, and topstitched the open side closed.

The Rectangular Pillows

The large rectangular pillow is just that–an old, unused and now recycled pillow. For the cover, take two pieces of fabric (I used two receiving blankets) and cut them to fit like a snug pillowcase. Then sew them together, right sides facing, with 1/2 inch seam allowances. Leave one side open to insert the pillow, of course.

Turn the pillowcase inside out, turn under the open side 1/2 inch and press. Stuff the pillow inside, pin and topstitch closed. I also topstitched the side opposite so they would match.

(The small rectangular pillow was done exactly as the large pillow, only I stuffed with polyfill.)

The Round Pillow

Trace a giant circle onto two pieces of fabric–I used a big plate on a receiving blanket folded in half.

Cut out the circle shapes with pinking shears.

Sew the two pieces together, with 1/2 inch seam allowances, leaving a 3-4 inch opening.

Stuff with polyfill. Turn under the open edge 1/2 inch, press and pin.

Topstitch the opening closed, then continue topstitching around the whole pillow.

To sew on buttons, send the needle in through the button on one side and out the button on the other side. Very tricky! Be sure to pull the thread tight so the buttons pull the center of the pillow in.


3 thoughts on “A Nook

  1. Great project. You are awesome. This sentence makes me laugh:

    “I simply sewed a large pillowcase for it out of very plush fabric, inserted the foam, and topstitched the open side closed.”

    “Simply” is, of course, the hilarious part of that line.

    Also: Abram’s excessive cuteness needs to be kept in check. Please monitor it closely. It is bordering on illegal.

  2. Love the nook! Coincidentally (or perhaps not — great minds think alike) Adeline has a nook, too. We call it the Book Nook, as it is between the two couches right by her own shelf of books. I’ve been meaning to make pillows for it since we moved in but I’ve been too lazy. Perhaps now I will be driven to do it.

    Love the plate pillows, will definitely be trying some of those — eventually!

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