Snap Bib

Abram’s outgrown most of his bibs, so I decided to fashion this one out of a vinyl tablecloth!

1. Fold the tablecloth and the “template” in half (I used one of Abram’s bibs) and line up on the folds. Trace around the template, leaving 1/2 inch for seam allowances.

1. a. Repeat so you have 2 tracings on the tablecloth, and cut out.

Note: In retrospect, I could have skipped step 1. a. and just used one cut-out as a bib. You could just turn under the sides all around, hem and stick on some snaps. But I did it this way…

2. Pin the two cut-outs together, right sides facing, and sew around the entirety of the bib using 1/4 inch seams.

2. a. Leave a 5-inch opening at the end.

3. Turn the whole thing inside out (well, actually right side out). Tuck the opening inside and topstitch closed, then continue to topstitch around the whole bib, using 1/8-1/4 inch seams.

4. Mark where the snaps are to be placed using the template bib as a guide.

4. a. Use pliers to clamp on the snaps (I found these special snap-clamping pliers for $8 in the Walmart craft section; I’m not sure how you put on snaps otherwise.)

(I changed my mind about snap placement at the last minute.)

Done and…


Celebrate with some peanut butter M&Ms (Abram calls them “manah, manah”) or jellybeans.


2 thoughts on “Snap Bib

  1. “manah, manah” is pretty darn close to M&M. I think Maggie called them lamb-a-lambs. Lena calls them jammy jams. and, then, of course there is Matt’s “N-M-N’s.” Abram wins!

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