Towel Bib

Now that Abram feeds himself, oftentimes more food ends up on his lap than in his mouth. Solution: a bib that covers his front and lap! Well, it’s really just a glorified towel with a neckstrap. And a wrinkly towel at that.

1. Begin with 18 inches of 1 1/2 inch-wide ribbon and 19 inches of 3/8 inch-wide elastic. (I like to take a lighter to the ends of the ribbon so they don’t fray.) Fold the ribbon in half and pin, enclosing the elastic inside –but don’t pin the elastic. There should be 1/2 inch of elastic hanging out each end of the ribbon.

2. Sew the ribbon closed, very close to the edge, taking care not to sew the elastic. The elastic should move freely within the ribbon casing.

3. Line up one end of the elastic and ribbon and sew on to one of the short ends of the towel, about 3 inches in from the side. I made 3 rows of stitches so everything would stay put.

4. Scrunch the ribbon down so about 9 1/2 inches of elastic is hanging out. Pin the elastic to the ribbon and cut so the ends are flush. If you do not pin the elastic in place, you risk losing it inside the ribbon and will have to spend the next 20 minutes trying to fish it back out with tweezers, cursing all the while.

5. Repeat step 3, attaching the other end of the ribbon to the towel.

6. Pick out some brightly-colored buttons to cover the stitches that attach the next strap to the towel. This is especially important if you used brown thread on a white towel. Way to go.

This is how much Abram loves this bib.

His dad said the ribbon was too effeminate. I said, “Phooey.”

He may have taken off the bib and thrown it on the floor, but he wore it at dinner, and it worked wonderfully. And there was much rejoicing.

And toast.


2 thoughts on “Towel Bib

  1. I love that you are not Martha Stewart-ish about your crafting! (She would never have admitted to losing the elastic in the ribbon and spending 20 minutes cursing about it.) It is so refreshing…

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