Three Bags

Three bags. Sewn with naught but my instincts as guidance. All are hopelessly flawed.

The Grocery Bag

The Grocery Bag turned out fairly well, all things considered. It’s big and sturdy enough. I tried to serge the inside seams, and it was a complete catastrophe. Instead, I threw in a zigzag stitch and turned under the upper seam as an afterthought.

The Argyle Bag

The Argyle Bag has a very long cross-body strap and is just big enough to hold a wallet, phone and keys, etc. It took a long time to figure out how to piece it together, but in the end I was rather pleased with how it turned out. That is, until I took the snap pliers to it and accidentally punched a hole through the back. I have yet to revisit the project (see hole in the photo above), but I will eventually fix the holes and snap. Somehow.

The Stripey Bag

My first encounter with piping and french seams, The Stripey Bag was quite the learning experience. The bottom seams are extra funky on the inside, and all my stitching came out shockingly crooked. Still and all, the bag is cute and spacious–I fit a rolled sweatshirt, a Nalgene, wallet, phone and gum in there for the photo!


One thought on “Three Bags

  1. You’ve been quite industrious! I have a pillow pattern I want to try that has piping, so I’ve been putting it off. Love how you used up Luke’s brother’s quilt fabric. Adeline still calls that pillow you made her “Gina’s pillow.”

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