Good. Clean. Fun.

Soap-making is such a gratifying craft, and it couldn’t be easier. I’ve never made soap from scratch, but melting pure glycerin cubes in the microwave, adding a few drops of scent or essential oil, and pouring it into molds is right up my alley.  Soap-making also provides lots of room for one to get creative with color/scent/add-in (such as sea salt, milk, honey, etc.) combinations, as well as bar size and shape. Gotta love it.

Special thanks to my sister, Amy, for getting me started on this craft!


One thought on “Good. Clean. Fun.

  1. I loved the soaps you sent us for Adeline’s baby present. Hmm, this is making me want to get back into candle-making (I’m sure my mom would appreciate me getting all my supplies out of her attic!). Argh, so many crafts, so little time!

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