“Doggy Joe”

I picked up this little critter in Odessa, MO on Memorial Day. We adopted Joe from Luke’s dad in Wyoming, and Luke’s mom drove him down to us (well, to Odessa anyway). Thanks, Marlene! 🙂 Joe is 1 1/2 and a good dog. He’s really attached himself to us… All of us but Abram, that is. He doesn’t quite know what to think of our spastic little midget, but we’re hoping in time they become buddies.

Joe has been really good for us–gets me out walking–2.5 to 3 miles morning and night (though Luke sometimes walks him at night). He also provides Abram with the chore of feeding him twice a day. Plus, he’s just good company–very sweet and affectionate… To everyone but Abram, that is.


One thought on ““Doggy Joe”

  1. We are so happy you love Joe. We think it won’t be long and Joe will love Abram, too. The pictures of Abram’s 2nd birthday were great. Thanks for posting them. Love to you all, MA

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