Apron for Mommy, Bib for Baby

For Rosie and baby–hope you love them!

The best thing about this apron, aside from its being completely adorable,  is the drawstring-style neckstrap & ties. The neckstrap and ties are just one long piece, making it oh-so-convenient to slip on and adjust. Special thanks to my friend, Emily, for modeling.

This sweet little bib has a pocket on the bottom to catch stray food particles. The pocket unsnaps for more convenient clean up (not that cleaning up after a baby/toddler is ever convenient) and to ensure no milk-souring in the crevices.


5 thoughts on “Apron for Mommy, Bib for Baby

  1. How’d I get a friend like you?
    The apron inspires me to cook something other than frozen waffles. Priceless.
    Love you and all your handiwork!

  2. P.S. I think all I ever did for you was give you a bunch of boxes from CHS. >sigh<
    Oh, and introduce you to bubble tea! That was good of me.

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