Bringing Home the Bounty

Eckert’s Grafton Farm: Beautiful drive, lovely autumn day, gorgeous farm, fun stuff for kiddos, good food, live country music, happy boys, happy mama.

Oh, and 21 1/2 pounds of delicious Fuji’s we picked from the orchards. Can’t beat that with a stick. Well, you could, but then you’d have applesauce.

Rombachs Farm: Abram “rode” the tractors and fire engine, checked out all the play areas and Halloween displays, ran through the pumpkin patch with me, and helped pick this year’s pumpkins. Rombach’s has loads of the most beautiful pumpkins I’ve ever seen!Did I mention free admission to both farms? Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!


4 thoughts on “Bringing Home the Bounty

  1. Mmm. Can’t wait to see what you bake with those apples. Makes me long for our weekly potlucks.

    I never went to either of those farms. Jake took Adeline to Eckert’s with the Zehnders one year (or was it the Zemkes?). They had a blast, but he didn’t bring home any apples!

  2. well, if we don’t eat them all–they are sooooo goooood–i will definitely make apple pie. i made apple butter on sunday and it is delicious on oatmeal. and cheesecake. and toast. and ice cream. 🙂

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