Fall Lovelies

Leaf Pane

Cut a rectangle out of the center of a piece of construction paper. Lay it on a piece of contact paper, sticky side up. Let your kiddo stick dried, pressed leaves to it. Lay another piece of contact paper over the leaves and frame, sticky side down. Trim excess. Although this craft is really easy and the results are fantastic, contact paper is a [fill in expletive here].

Eucalyptus Wreath

My branch wreath gets a seasonal makeover with dried eucalyptus and little orange flowers. In my opinion, a wreath on the door says, “I’m so much cooler than you.”

Pressed Leaf Garland

Have you ever sandwiched fall leaves in pieces of newspaper in the pages of a big, heavy book? Good. Now stick them to long strands of yarn with scotch tape and string ’em up.

Votives in Jackets

Little glass votives dressed up for Halloween in festive paper, ribbons and rick rack. Tools: scissors and hot glue. You get the gist.

Crafts Resurrected

Leaf Jars and Paper Pumpkins return from last year!


One thought on “Fall Lovelies

  1. Very lovely indeed! I was going to do a leaf-window thing like that with wax paper, but something distracted me — oh yeah, I think it was that 3-month-old baby that’s been hanging around here. I LOVE that leaf garland.

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