A Nephew on the Way

Any day now my brother-in-law, Joshua, and his wife, Marcee, will have a baby boy. These gifts are for them! (But mostly for Marcee.)

Nursing cover

After the confusing ordeal of making Sara’s nursing cover, I decided to scrap the online tutorials and follow my instincts. The results? Score one for sewing instincts. I did learn a valuable lesson: boning is much easier to deal with when removed from the casing.

Dipes & Wipes Bag

Instead of lugging around a diaper bag, I’d rather take my little “dipes & wipes” bag to the bathroom during church, carry it in my purse whilst we’re grocery shopping, or throw it in the car on the way to the park. (Ideally, Abram would just use the potty. He’s so stubborn.) Of course, the little dipes and wipes bag also fits nicely in the actual diaper bag, which is sometimes a necessary evil. Here’s a good tutorial on a little zippered bag.

Burp Cloths or Changing Pads

Flannel on one side, cloth diaper on the other–these suckers are mucho absorbent. If Abram’s cousin is as much of a “squirt” as he was, Josh & Marcee will be glad they have these.

I hope this little collection of handmade’s is well-used!


3 thoughts on “A Nephew on the Way

  1. Can’t wait to use them. You are so talented. Thank you so very much Gina. And we hope Abram’s cousin is just like him! Especially as handsome! šŸ™‚ Of course I am parcial because I think Abram looks like his Uncle Joshua! šŸ™‚ We should all know by tomorrow!

  2. I love my dipes and wipes holder! I though I was the only one who called it that — guess I’m not that original. I bought one on etsy back when Adeline was still toddling around in diapers. We are more committed to cloth this time around (i.e. when we leave the house) so it hasn’t gotten as much use.

    I also love my nursing cover!!!! Sorry it was such a pain, but I seriously use it all the time. Greatest gift evar!!

    • Oh, thank God. I was so worried! It was much easier to make the second go around. By the way, there shall soon be pictures of the cutest little red polka dot half apron here… just have to finish the ties!

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