Get Your Craft On: Bible Covers

These Bible covers were made by my friend, Becky. She modified these instructions for her tutorial below. An excellent handmade Christmas present for the kiddos. Thank you, Becky!

Follow these instructions to determine the dimensions of your Bible cover. Each of Becky’s Bible covers uses four coordinating fat quarters and can be modified depending on how much piecing together and quilting you want to do. The covers shown are made to fit the ESV Children’s Bible from Concordia Publishing House.


1. Cut fabric into long 3″ strips for piecing the outside of the body of the cover.

2. Sew the strips together lengthwise (4 strips were needed for the width of the cover).

3. Press seams flat to one side.

4. Trim one end of the sewn strips so you have a straight line.
5. Cut the sewn strips into 3″ strips for alternate piecing.

6. Sew these strips together so you have a checkerboard pattern (6 strips were needed for the desired length).

7.  Cut a solid piece of fabric for the cover lining (should be the size of the actual cover of the Bible, plus seam allowances).

8. Cut batting to the dimensions of the top and lining pieces, then sandwich the batting between the two fabrics, wrong sides facing the batting. Pin in place.

9. Sew through all three layers along all the seams of the top, checkerboard piece. This quilting technique is called “stitch-in-the-ditch.” The finished quilting makes a grid pattern on the lining.

10. Use the leftover 3″ strips from the top piece to cut 3″ squares.

11. Sew nine squares together to form a chain.

12. Press seams flat to one side. Cut the strip in half lengthwise.

13. Sew each strip to either side of the zipper, matching the same color squares on either side.

14. Top-stitch along the zipper.

15. Using the leftover 3″ strips, cut two strips in the desired length for handles. Fold each in half lengthwise, right sides facing, and sew. Flip inside out, press, and sew to the top of the quilted cover piece.

16. Sew inner cover flaps and a pocket piece to the inside of the quilted cover piece.

17. Pin the zipper piece and the quilted cover piece together, right sides facing, matching centers.

18. Sew across the width of zipper piece, then clip the ends of the zipper near the stitching.

19. Pin the center of the side of the zipper piece to the side of the quilted cover piece (between the handles), right sides facing.

This photos shows the ends of the zipper sewn and the sides pinned to the quilted cover piece:

This photo shows the zipper piece pinned to the quilted cover piece:

20. Sew together, being cautious about the corners.

This photo shows the sewing completed:

21. Cut a few 2″ wide strips, sew end to end, fold in half lengthwise and press, then fold each side to the center and press. This makes a 1/2″ wide bias strip to use as binding for the inside of the cover.  Alternatively, you could use pre-packaged double fold bias tape for binding.

22. Fold the bias strip over the edge seam on the inside of the cover.

23. Sew together, being careful to catch the underside of the bias strip, and being cautious of the corners. A few seams had to be resewn on this step!

24. Flip right side out and insert the Bible!

The covers could be even more personalized with embroidered names, initials, or cross-stitch, which Becky plans to do on the covers she made for her kids.


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