Baby Gifts for Darcy

This time ’round I was fortunate enough to give the baby gifts directly to the recipient at her very own baby shower–yay! It’s nice having a friend from the ol’ homestead right here in the Lou, and I can’t wait to meet Jimmy & Darcy’s little Alice. Congratulations, you two!

Nursing covers and “dipes & wipes” bags are quickly becoming my baby gift staples. With a little more practice, these items will be falling from my sewing machine like leaves from a tree. (Hah!)

I decided to model this nursing cover so folks could get the full effect, from the adjustable D-ring neck strap to the boning in the neck that makes the cover stand away from mama’s body so she can see baby. Unbeknownst to most, the nursing cover also doubles as a superhero cape. And quite by accident, we’ve also included a nice shot of my 18-week-baby-belly-that-looks-more-like-24-weeks. Lucky you.

The “dipes & wipes” bag turned out a lot smaller than I had anticipated, but for now those teeny size 1 diapers fit rather nicely.


2 thoughts on “Baby Gifts for Darcy

  1. I love my nursing cover and dipes and wipes bag you made me, I use them all of the time!!! I love that tummy in these pictures too! 🙂

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