I have it on good authority that my nephew would like a) a blue t-shirt; b) a t-shirt with his name on it; and c) a t-shirt with a soccer ball on it. By all rights, he should love this “jersey.” And although I didn’t know his favorite number, he will be turning 6. Also, 6 was his uncle Johnny’s football number; I think he will appreciate that.

Happy Birthday, Christian!

By the way, I was totally going to try freezer paper stencils and fabric paint, but iron-on transfers were way easier. And yes, I designed that rad logo. Booyah.


3 thoughts on “GOOOAL!

  1. Wow, I love it! You’re so talented. Just thinking … wouldn’t it be fun to design personalized logos for everyone you know based on their interests? Jake loves designing logos, too. Me, I’m not that talented!

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