Dig It.

Physical fitness is of the utmost importance, a fact none would deny. But finding good exercise that is conducive to being pregnant? Trickier than one might imagine. Solution: water fitness.

For a couple months now I’ve been attending prenatal aqua aerobics and swimming laps afterward. I enjoy it immensely. I am not a particularly proficient swimmer, but I love the water. And my ever-expanding belly loves the weightlessness. And my reconstructed ACL loves the low-impact. And my heart, lungs, and muscles love being exercised. In other words, I really dig it.

Here’s some more reasons to dig swimming…

  • It’s full-body exercise, employing all the major muscle groups.
  • Because there’s no ground impact when you swim, your joints are protected from stress and strain.
  • It improves endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness, and builds lean muscle mass.
  • Because of the resistance of water, swimming is both aerobic and anaerobic (think lifting weights and running at the same time).
  • It burns up to 650 calories per hour.
  • Water adds 12 times the resistance of air, so as long as you’re moving, you’re working.

2 thoughts on “Dig It.

  1. Sweet photo! Do you use any photo-editing software? I’ve been using Picnik (because it’s free) but was wondering about getting something better…

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