Jenny’s Cover & Clutch

A set of baby gifts for my fabulous friend, Jenny. She and her husband, Zach, are expecting baby Clayton in May. Hooray! Can’t wait. Read about Jenny’s Chartreuse Garage at the end of this post…


Whilst this project was in progress, Luke walked through the room and asked, “What are you making with that awesome fabric?” (It is rather awesome.) Why, a nursing cover, of course! What else do I make for my pregnant friends? This is my fourth nursing cover, and it came together so rapidly that Luke said, “I guess you should just start cranking those out and start a little shop.” Perhaps.


Gift number two, a folding diaper-changing clutch, did not come together as rapidly as the nursing cover. Indeed, it took substantial forethought. But it came together and turned out beautifully, if I may be so bold.

Clutch Inspiration:

Clutch Features: Quilted flannel changing pad with a double layer of batting; a pocket for “dipes & wipes” with velcro closure; and a simple d-ring closure to finish her off.

Jenny’s Chartreuse Garage

The oh-so-enterprising Jenny owns and operates her own business, The Chartreuse Garage, where she sells new, used and refurbished home decor. If you want to see some real talent and creativity, stop by and check it out! Good work, Jen. SO proud of you. 🙂


One thought on “Jenny’s Cover & Clutch

  1. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I love it! You are amazing! The fabrics are GREAT and will go perfectly with the nursery – I am so lucky 🙂

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