Wardrobe Refashion: XL T-shirt

At the end of my first pregnancy, I was so ginormous that I all of my tops were too short. So I started stealing Luke’s t-shirts. This time ’round I preemptively purchased a few XL men’s t-shirts at the re-sell it shop to refashion into maternity tops. For this one, I used a tank I had on hand to help me gauge the size, length, etc. The neck sags a bit in the back. Not sure how to remedy that…

Objective: To refashion an XL men’s t-shirt into a tunic-style maternity tank.

1. Cut off sleeves and neck. 2. Take in sides. 3. Hem arm holes. 4. Gather neck, front and center. 5. Cut sleeve pieces into long strips and ruffle. 6. Sew ruffles onto neck. Good enough.


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Refashion: XL T-shirt

  1. What a fabulous idea. You did a great job. I would love to know how you made the ruffles. They look like flowers.

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