In Reality

I put on this cute little brown dress to take a “baby-number-two-in-utero-at-33-weeks” photo…

…but in reality, I’m rockin’ cargo shorts, a Skynyrd tee, and a “Juno” pony tail.

And since I’m feeling rather truthsome right now…

  1. No, I didn’t make the brown dress.
  2. No, I’m not fanatic about Lynyrd Skynyrd. I just got the t-shirt on clearance because it fit over my giant pregnant belly.
  3. Yes, I am sooo sick of people saying, “Oh, you must be due any day!” and then gasping when I tell them I’m not due until August 1st. Then they usually ask me if it’s “just one baby.” Why do you suppose the general public thinks it’s okay to make comments on the size and shape of a pregnant woman? Don’t they know that 1) they don’t have a clue, 2) pregnant women are wildly self-conscious, and 3) calling anyone “fat” to her face is downright rude? They all deserve a good smacking.
  4. Yes, I am going to go make cookies and eat them all.

One thought on “In Reality

  1. Hmm, I hope you made then ate all of the cookies because it sounds as though you might need a bit of comfort/outlet!! So, here, I read your blog. Love the dress and props to you that you got a (what looks to be comfy) shirt for a good deal! People are SO rude to pregnant women! I used to love to look at the person asking, “when are you due?” with a very shocked look on my face and retort back, “what do you mean??!!!” I usually got a good laugh and loved embarassing the person asking for the UPTEENTH time one of the inane questions people ask a pregnant lady! ps mark says hi and he loves you very much.

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