Diaper Changes

For a baby doll, that is. My niece’s baby doll to be precise. Happy 6th Birthday, Maggie!

We don’t own any baby dolls (yet), so the diapers are being modeled by Abram’s teddy bear. I found the fantastic doll diaper tutorial with printable PDF pattern over here.

Abram happily demonstrated how to use the doll diapers, changing mat, wipes, and burp cloths. Surprising? Indeed. In fact, he played with the bear and “diaper changes” well after I was done taking photos, and he picked up playing with them the next day. And the next day. Good to hone those paternal skills, I think.

And to keep all those doll accoutrements together, here is Maggie’s very own “Dipes & Wipes” bag…

…complete with a “Wipes Wallet.”


2 thoughts on “Diaper Changes

  1. Very cute Gi! Another excellent job well done! She’s going to LOVE that! I love the step-by-step pictures of Abram diapering his teddy! Love it!

  2. Ha Ha – this is great – the things they come up with now – excellent work. Looks like Abram will be a good big brother 😉

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