Corduroy Diaper Bag

The diaper bag (sans pattern) was a feat to be conquered, and I am exceedingly proud to have accomplished the task. Corduroy, as much as I love it, is a fussy fabric; I had to finish all the raw edges before piecing them together. Then there was the interfacing that had to be fused to all the lining pieces… then the zipper… then the piping… then calculating how to sew all those pieces into something that remotely resembles a bag. The result suits me, even if it is rather funky. One thing I know for certain–it shall never be replicated.

Side pocket (there’s one on the reverse side as well):

Front pocket with velcro closure and decorative brown button:

Inside, lined with pockets–two on one side, three on the other (I can stuff quite a bit of crap in this bag!):

Diaper bag in progress (anyone else ever leave projects attached to the machine?):


2 thoughts on “Corduroy Diaper Bag

  1. Firstly: you look AWESOME!
    Secondly: your bag is AWESOME! Corduroy and polka dots … two of my favorite things. Isn’t it fun wrapping your head around a sewing project like that? Who needs sudoku when you’ve got sewing! I made a couple things that I’ll probably never replicate (all while I was pregnant … hmmn) that make me so proud now when I look at them — “I have no idea how I made that nightgown, but I did it!”

    • Oh I know! I’ve always claimed to hate math, but all my favorite hobbies require it–sewing, cooking/baking, photography, even painting! It still comes as quite a shock to me how “scientific” my hobbies actually are when I’ve always thought of myself as an artist. Aw well.

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