Carseats Are Lame

It’s a widely held belief in my family that whoever invented carseats must either A) not have children, or B) desire to drive those of us who do have children completely insane. I’m not against carseats per se, but they are hopelessly flawed. Enter carseat strap covers–one solution to one of the many carseat design flaws. This is a very simple tutorial; the only alteration I made was using one long strip of velcro instead of two small pieces.

I realize these photos would be vastly improved had Olivia actually been in the carseat. But she doesn’t like the seat (it is hopelessly flawed, after all).  So here’s a photo of her sleeping, which is just what newborn babies do.

And one should really enjoy those sweet, silent moments, because sooner or later…

…the baby wakes up.


4 thoughts on “Carseats Are Lame

  1. When I saw the first picture, I thought “Oh, she looks just like her Momma!” Then I scrolled down a bit and saw the second picture. And I thought “Oh! She looks JUST like her Momma!”

  2. Oh my gosh. I totally understand why people always say “I could just eat that baby up!”, which at first seems like a creepy thing to say. But how else could you totally absorb all that cuteness?

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