Aprons ~ 2009-2010

Mine ~10/21/09

This apron is made from a tablecloth I found on clearance.  I did use a pattern (McCall’s M5366), but I fudged it quite a bit, skipped the pockets and adjustable neck strap, and added funky wooden buttons. Directions are a bit tedious in my book; I like to make it up as I go. This project was completed over the span of two afternoons and a smidge of an evening, so well worth the effort. I wear it every chance I get.

Avie’s ~ 12/13/09

For my niece, Avie, on the occasion of her 3rd birthday. I mostly copied this from the larger, adult version I made for myself. Avie’s has ribbon for the ties/neck strap. The buttons are purely decorative, but I sewed on hooks & eyes to make putting it on easier. I should’ve done that to mine! I would like to thank my sister, Amy, for the floral material. It was perfect.

Karena’s ~ 1/27/10

For my sister-in-law, Karena, on the occasion of her birthday. (Once a woman reaches a certain age, I think she prefers it not to be broadcast. However, I am 27, and I don’t care who knows. In fact, I rather like getting older–it makes me feel wiser somehow. I’m even beginning to grow fond of my gray hairs. But that is neither here nor there.) The apron looks more pink in the photo than in real life. The clasp is my favorite. I started putting together an apron tutorial…  Someday I might even finish it.

Rosie’s ~ 8/16/10

The best thing about this apron, aside from its being completely adorable,  is the drawstring-style neckstrap & ties. The neckstrap and ties are just one long piece, making it oh-so-convenient to slip on and adjust. Special thanks to my friend, Emily, for modeling.

Emily’s ~ 9/18/10

I figured out this criss-cross-strap pullover apron all by myself. I laugh in the face of patterns. Muuwahahaha.

Laura’s ~ 10/12/10

“Let’s Go to the Hop”… That’s the song Luke was singing whilst I was looking at the photos of this 1950′s-inspired apron. I do so appreciate his rare-and-unintentional contributions to my blog. But that is neither here nor there. Happy 30th Birthday, Laura! It’s about time you own an apron. Especially this one…

Sara’s ~ 11/13/10

A belated birthday gift for Sara: An apron so sweet, it’s liable to give one a toothache. (Har, har.) Much thanks to my dear husband for taking this photo of me modeling the apron (and for making me laugh all the while).

Amy’s ~ 11/29/10

I love this apron. I love the fabric and the pockets and the buttons. I love that it looks like a smock (because smocks are rad). And I love that an apron I love this much is going to my only sister. Happy birthday, Schmamy!


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