A Bird Mobile

A little gift for baby Irene. Congratulations Kyle & Ellee!

These fine feathered friends (fabric & fiberfill) are based on the pattern in One Yard Wonders. As per usual, I didn’t follow the project specifications exactly; instead I painted an embroidery hoop red, glued on a piece of ribbon, and tied up all the strings to a cool metal bead.

The strings connecting the birds to the hoop are fitted with little metal lobster clasps so that the birds can be removed from said strings. Why? Because little children will most assuredly want to play with them. Case in point: Abram was flying the birds all over the living room after all the wings were sewn on. The birds were hastily sewn, and therefore turned out a bit funky, but hopefully they will be well-loved by Kyle & Ellee’s girls.

Initially, I vowed to make the pinwheel mobile–I even made all the pinwheels, readied the hoop and rick-rack, and attached little decorative beads. But after sewing on three pinwheels, I discovered they were fraying. Fray check only made things worse. And to top it all off, the pinwheels just wouldn’t hang right. So I scrapped the project and made the bird mobile instead. Ah well, live and learn.

The mobile that might’ve been:

I can always hang these in the window, right?


2 thoughts on “A Bird Mobile

  1. thank you gina! i love the pictures and will surely love the real thing even more. just in time, too, because little irene has been spending some time with her eyes open.

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