Preschool ~ Days 27-29

We incorporated a new ABC game into circle time just before Christmas break: the three-year-old’s take turns choosing a felt letter from the “wall of velcro,” then they have to come up with one word that starts with that letter! We also read stories of the kids’ choosing each day after circle time.

Day 27 ~ ABC Review & Stories

We finally revisited “100 Bible Stories” after a long hiatus. Admittedly, I didn’t want to read the story of “Sodom and Gomorrah” to preschoolers, which is why we took such a long break. I suppose I could have skipped it, but I ended up reading it anyway (had to leave out some age-inappropriate bits, obviously). We reviewed our ABC’s by writing all of them freehand on dry-erase boards, and we also practiced drawing shapes. These were excellent and challenging exercises that the kids really enjoyed.

Day 28 ~ Farms & Letter N

After circle time, writing letter N, and writing words that start with N on our dry erase boards, the kids wanted to play “Farmer’s Market” again. While they were playing, they started asking all sorts of questions about farming: Where do the farmers get the food they bring to the market? Where are their farms? Do they have animals on the farm? I found a short farming video for kids on Netflix–informational, but not terribly exciting. Throughout the video I had to interject a few things, such as, “Cows don’t eat corn, they eat grass,” and “Composting is preferable to chemical fertilizers.” Then the kids created their own farms by gluing little pictures of animals, tractors, and barns onto large pieces of paper, then drawing the rest (fields, farmers, etc.). The rest of the day they were talking about combines and harvesting–I was amazed by how fascinated they were with agriculture! We rounded out the day with the Little Golden Book Baby Farm Animals.

Day 29 ~ Letter N, Counting, Shapes & Colors

N is for Name! I printed tracer pages for the kids with everyone’s name on it, and they practiced writing each others names–a welcome change from just practicing their own. We did ABC flashcards, then sorted little cut paper shapes onto the larger shapes, which I drew on large paper. After all shapes were sorted and we identified all the colors, we counted how many of each shape we had.


One thought on “Preschool ~ Days 27-29

  1. Ha! We have a book that says “God makes the corn that the animals eat” that I always change “corn” to “food.” It’s scary how pervasive this stuff is, industrial farming & industrial food. One of the reasons I’m so glad we’re homeschooling is that I won’t have to un-teach the food pyramid (or whatever it is now) that gets shoved down their throats (literally?) in public school.

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