Change Three


Many of my good friends and family cloth-diaper, and I have long felt compelled to do it as well. I didn’t cloth-diaper Abram, and Olivia is nearly 6-months-old and nary a cloth diaper has worn. But it seems like something I should do. Want to do. But never have. Until now.


A friend of mine was gracious enough to loan me her prefolds and covers, so today we began our first adventure in cloth-diapering. Despite my hours of research and drilling cloth-diapering veteran and friend, Sara, I still feel a little lost. Folding, tucking, velcro-ing, adjusting. Am I doing this right? I can’t button Olivia’s jammies over this giant diaper! Be that as it may, we’re muddling through, learning as we go. It is only day one, after all. I just keep reminding myself: Better for the baby. Better for the budget. Better for the world.


In my quest to find cheap cloth diapers of my own to purchase online, I came across the “Change Three Things Challenge” on the Cotton Babies website. Since I was already on the third cloth diaper of the day (is it just my baby, or do these cloth diapers fill up fast?!), I thought, “Hey, I can do that!” The days I am home will be easy (indeed, we will probably change more like 6-8 cloth diapers); it’s the days the kids are at the sitter’s or with daddy that will be the true test. And I like the idea of spreading the word to others to take the challenge themselves. Maybe we can make a difference.


2 thoughts on “Change Three

  1. Dang, that is one cute baby!!! Wish I could share our diapers, but I’m afraid Olivia would need the size large that Bea is wearing now. We sure grow ’em big, don’t we? 🙂

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