Preschool ~ Days 30-32

Day 30 ~ Letter O, Counting

Last Wednesday we ended up having preschool at the girls’ house instead of ours. It was fun for the kids to have us there instead of here, and they were all rather tickled by the novelty of it. Luckily, I had our craft already ready to go, so I just brought it with. I printed out octopi for the letter O, and we glued on cheerios (also O’s) for the tentacles. The three-year-old’s tried their hands at writing the word “legs” and the number eight. Then we counted the legs and tentacles, and added everything up. Or, I added everything up while the kids ate the glue-free cheerios.

As an aside, auto-correct just informed me that I spelled “tentacles” wrong on the craft project. In my defense, I called my mom to ask her how to spell “tentacles.” In her defense, I didn’t know either. In any case, I am feeling rather illiterate.

Day 31 ~ Painting Letter P

Kids love to paint (why is that?), so in honor of letter P, we painted. We painted P with brushes, sponges, sticks, pipe cleaners, and fingers, and when we had had our fill of painting P, we painted tornadoes. And our hands. Well, the kids did. I just watched.

Day 32 ~ Pumpkins & Pancakes

Wednesday was a rough day for preschool–Olivia was fussy and fevering, and we had to make last-minute trip to the doctor. Thus, our day was hectic and cut a bit short. But we still had circle time and stories, as per usual, and wrote letter P and words that start with P on our white boards. We also had chocolate chip pancakes by pumpkin (jack-o-lantern) light! Man, can these kids can put away the pancakes.

Oh, and we played dress up.


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