Diaper Sewing

Just as cloth-diapering was initially intimidating, so too was diaper-sewing. There are so many cloth diaper patterns and tutorials floating around in cyber space, it’s a little overwhelming. However, I am thankful for having two solid months of cloth-diapering experience under my belt before embarking on the diaper-sewing adventure. I now know that I prefer fitted diapers + soakers + covers.

For my fitted cloth diapers, I used this pattern, but I made these adjustments:

  • eliminated snaps for making diaper various sizes
  • reduce the length of the elastic at the back of diaper by half
  • sewed 2 layers of fleece inside the diaper–one on the outer fabric, one on the lining fabric
  • used 1/4 inch seams, sewn all the way around the diaper (didn’t leave a gap open in the back to insert soakers)
  • sewed 8 inches of 1-inch velcro to the front of diaper and 2.5 inches of velcro to the closure flaps
  • soakers consist of two layers of fleece and one layer of flannel, serged together
  • used flannel receiving blankets for diaper material

Thoughts: Pretty darn absorbent and fit well. They’ve held up in the wash, but retain a little more “smell” than I would like (will probably need to strip). I wish the velcro were wider, but the wide velcro I found was ridiculously overpriced. Anyway, the diaper covers hold the diaper in place. All in all, I am well-pleased that I have 5 more fitted diapers to add to my stack.


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