Preschool ~ Day 42

Lately we’ve been spending more time outside playing and less time inside doing “lessons,” but we did manage to fit in circle time, letter U, and birthday letters to my nephew over the last few weeks. This week we ventured out on our very first nature walk!

Springtime is in full bloom, and the flowers and trees here are a sight to behold. So we took a 40-minute stroll around the block to enjoy the scenery and fill our “specimen bags” (ziplocs) with flowers, leaves, weeds, grass, sticks, and even rocks! We stopped at the nearby elementary school to observe the goldfish pond and pick lilacs. We found a funky-looking tree with sweet-smelling flowers and got to see the garbage truck empty the giant dumpsters at the school.

Upon arriving home, we:

  • examined our specimens with the magnifying glass
  • discussed the various smells and textures
  • identified the colors of our specimens and chose our favorites
  • made leaf rubbings with crayons
  • pressed flowers and leaves in tissue paper inside the pages of the dictionary
  • flew our “helicopters” (seed pods) by dropping them from a tall chair

After circle time, I played “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Skip to My Lou” on the guitar, and the kiddos sang along. (How handy is THAT?!) And after nap time we got all SPF-ed and played in the water. It was a fun day!


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