The Quest for Better Disposable Diapers

With a 16-hour trip on the horizon, I thought I best find a good alternative to cloth diapers for use during our travels. Since switching to cloth at the beginning of the year, I know I could never go back to disposables, though we do use them from time to time, especially at night. Even the little we do use disposables is exceedingly bothersome for me. The thought of adding a heap of disposable diapers to the incalculable number of diapers already sitting in landfills taking 500 years to decompose is too much for me to bear. Thus begins my quest for a better disposable diaper.

I thought “green” diapers would be my answer, but then I stumbled upon this page that informed be that “green” disposables may be chlorine-free/natural, but they are not biodegradable. There is one brand of biodegradable disposable diapers that I know of (costing $18-$20 for 24 diapers), but they’ve been out of stock every time I’ve looked. So the quest continues…

…and then the quest ends rather abruptly with the gDiaper. Here is a diaper I had once considered, then dismissed because the initial investment was too high. But the idea behind the gDiaper is incredibly clever: cloth cover with a disposable insert. And guess what? The inserts are not only disposable, they are 100% biodegradable. Now this is something I can get on board with.

The pricetag is pretty high for the little gPants: $80 for a set of 6, multiplied by 3 sizes for your growing babe. Add to that about $13.50/package of 32 disposable inserts. Starter packages ($125-$150) do save you some money, but still… That’s a lot of guacamole. But as with all cloth diapers, you have to view it as an investment; compare the up front cost of cloth to the amount of money you spend on disposable diapers over and over and over. Anyway, the reason I did not purchase gPants is because I have already invested in a crapload of diapers and covers. That’s why I decided to order the gRefills to see if they fit inside regular cloth diaper covers (I use ProRap and Econobum). And guess what? They totally do. No leaks, no bunching, and no extra laundry–perfect for a long road trip! I am actually amazed by how absorbent these suckers are. We toss ours, but the are also flushable and compostable.

In retrospect, I might’ve invested in a few gDiapers to use alongside my collection of cloth diapers, especially because they are now offered with cloth inserts. They are the perfect solution to traveling and nighttime woes (the liners can be doubled or used in conjunction with cloth). They are also an excellent option for parents who are on the fence about cloth diapering–there is no diaper pail or dunking in the toilet or two cycles of stinky diaper laundry, so the grossness factor is greatly minimized.

I just did a commercial for gDiapers. Woops. The point is if we can reduce the number of non-biodegradable diapers we are sending to our landfills, we are doing something good for our earth and all of its inhabitants. And that’s just good stewardship.


2 thoughts on “The Quest for Better Disposable Diapers

  1. Good to know! I’ve looked at G-diapers before, but like you I was daunted by the price tag. That is so cool that they fit inside other covers!!

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