More Eco-friendly Diapers

Preface. Let it be made clear that I am not being paid to promote the use of any particular brand of diaper. One might think that, since this is the second post I’ve written on eco-friendly diapers (see the post on gDiapers here). I’m just passing along information to all my friends and family who are interested in alternatives to disposable diapers. That is all.

Mabu Baby. On my way to the baby section (in a store that shall remain nameless, but is often referred to as “Wally World” in our corner of rural America), I stumbled upon a display of diapers called “Mabu Baby: Eco-Diaper System.” After perusing a bit, I learned that the Mabu Baby diapers are not unlike gDiapers, a hybrid diaper system (part cloth, part biodegradable/ disposable) I’ve already put into action. (Note: I scored a couple used gDiaper covers from Cloth Diapers to Go.) The Mabu Baby diapers were all on clearance, so I bought a couple starter packs and disposable liners to give it a whirl. The starter packs came with 2 diapers, 2 cloth inserts, 2 disposable inserts, and 5 liners (those thin things that look like large dryer sheets that you place over the cloth inserts to make poop clean-up “easier”).

First impression. Very, very good. These diapers contain messes and fit well: size 2 fits Olivia and size 3/4 fits Abram for bedtime use (yes, my 4-year-old is potty trained). I double the disposable inserts at night, a method that has worked surprisingly well with my heavy wetters. As an added bonus, the gDiaper refills, of which I have many, fit in the Mabu Baby diapers! Confession: I’ve not tried the cloth inserts yet. I have a ton of cloth diapers, which I use very regularly, so I’ve not needed to use the cloth inserts. I like to use the hybrid diapers when I’m out and about so I can just toss the disposable inserts and not have to carry around soaked cloth diapers. Anyway, I’ll let you know what I think of the cloth inserts just as soon as I try them. I’m sure you are waiting with bated breath.

Comparison. Mabu Baby vs. gDiaper. The Mabu Baby diaper seems to fit better than the gDiaper, and I like that the large velcro tabs are in front. While the gDiaper cover is all cotton, the Mabu Baby is waterproof on the outside and lined with soft a flannel material that wicks moisture away from baby. The snaps that attach the insert pocket to the Mabu Baby diaper are covered by little flaps, keeping the snaps off baby’s skin. The only thing missing from the Mabu Baby starter packs are extra pockets! If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with Mabu Baby over gDiapers, hands down. Although, I do prefer the gDiaper disposable liners, which are wider and thinner. Cost is pretty comparable if you don’t get the Mabu Baby diapers on clearance.

Buying. I consider myself very lucky for finding these bad boys for half price; the starter packs retail for about $30 in-store at Wal-Mart or $34 online at I already made a second trip to purchase these diapers for a couple family members, and I have half a mind to go back and buy up the rest, just in case another friend wants to try them! Bottom line: I’m sold.


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