For You.

So I have this Weston A. Price Foundation literature that I picked up at the Wise Traditions conference several months back, and I’ve been agonizing over to whom I should give them. Who really wants them and would read them, and who would just toss them out? I don’t want them to be tossed out or shelved and never looked at. I want them to be appreciated, used. So I decided, “Hey, I’ll just have a giveaway on the ol’ blog. That way I’ll know who really wants this stuff.” It’s just a journal, a booklet, and a shopping guide, but they are really informative and helpful, especially for anyone new to WAPF. Even if you are not new to WAPF, these items would make a wonderful gift for a friend or relative!

Just leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway. The winner will be randomly selected on September 22, 2012.

Congratulations to Joanne, winner of the WAPF literature!

Here’s a little info on what I’m giving away:

Wise Traditions – Healthy Baby Issue: Articles in this particular journal take a look at the following subjects: advice on baby books, homemade baby formula recipes, vaccination risks, reproductive health, gut & psychology syndrome, vitamins for fetal development, traditional remedies, treating fevers, book reviews, feeding babies as they grow, the effects of phytoestrogens (soy) on male development, and more! (100 pages, $12)

The WAPF Principles of Healthy Diets Booklet: Brief history of Weston A. Price, characteristics of traditional diets and dietary guidelines, myths and truths about nutrition, etc. An excellent piece of literature for anyone who has never heard a thing about WAPF or wants to know a little more. (27 pages, $1)

2012 Shopping Guide: A comprehensive listing of where to buy traditional foods, offering the best options, good options, what to avoid, as well as phone numbers, websites, and brand names. For example, clean, whole raw milk should be purchased from farmers who raise pastured cows ( If you can’t get raw milk, which is your best option, pasteurized, non-homogenized, organic whole milk from grass-fed cows, such as Kalona SuperNatural, is a good option. Avoid ultra-pasteurized, skim/low-fat, soy, rice, almond, etc. (104 pages, $1)

“You teach, you teach, you teach!” were the last words of Dr. Weston A. Price on June 23, 1948. If you do not win the giveaway but are interested in a brochure or shopping guide, please let me know. I am more than happy to order/mail you one. Yep, it’s that important! Additionally, you can access all of the information on the WAPF website.

Sorry, that beautiful quilt is not included in the giveaway! But I must take this opportunity to brag on my friend, Sarah, who made the quilt for us as a housewarming gift. Thank you, Sarah! I hope someday I quilt as well as you. And maybe I will even give one away…


9 thoughts on “For You.

  1. Thsnks for sending me information, I have not read these and would like to see them and be able to pass information to patients.
    Thank you
    Pat Fox D.C.

  2. Hi Gina,
    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on another copy of the Healthy Diets booklet and the shopping guide to give to my mother. I have several friends who have infants or are about to have babies who could make use of the Healthy Baby Issue.

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