Various & Sundries

Catching up on all the crafting… Projects from the last several months.

Upcycled Men’s T-shirt Skirt
Easy to make and comfy to boot. Fabulous! Tutorial here.

Nursing Covers #9, 10, 11, 12
All persons having babies shall henceforth be given a nursing cover. Unless they already have one. Then they shall be given nothing.

9. Adair’s

10. Lacey’s

11. Katy’s  [and]  12. Amy’s

Colorful Shelves & Lamps
Little wooden boxes, painted with acrylics, hanging in Abram’s room. I do not relish the fact that I had to staple 1-inch quilt binding, threaded through D-rings, to the backs of the boxes for hanging purposes. But, whatever.

Olivia’s little red and blue wooden shelves are so sweet.

We spray-painted some lamps. We even wore masks and gloves. For the record, I am not skilled in the art of spray-painting.

Leaf Prints
Abram and I made these cool leaf prints by painting leaves and stems, and pressing them onto canvases. I think I enjoyed it more than he did! Abram’s is hanging above his bed, mine is hanging in Olivia’s room.

Side-note: Abram also has a few birds hanging above his bed by a mug hook; these are leftover from the mobile I made for Olivia! He also has a gallery in the making along the entire length of his wall–picture wire threaded through little eye bolts!

The Strawberry Curtain
I adore this strawberry fabric. Although a curtain may seem an unworthy project for so cute a print, I am well-pleased that this particular fabric is hanging somewhere I will see it every day–in the crafting/preschool room! I love that room. It smells nice.


4 thoughts on “Various & Sundries

  1. I LOVE the orange and green colors on the lamps!!
    Also, your leaf prints turned out way better than the ones I had attempted. Although, the ones I did were for the summer care and we were only able to use finger paint and printer paper. Maybe I should redo that project sometime.

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