A Mossy Wreath

Mossy Wreath close up

Simple, inexpensive, and lovely. A grapevine wreath, bag of moss, needle and thread, embellishments, and ribbon. That’s it.

1. Arrange your moss on the grapevine wreath. The moss sticks together a bit; use scissors to trim and separate.

arrange moss on wreath

2. Anchor a length of green thread (to match the moss) on a branch of the wreath, then use a needle to weave the thread through the moss. Wrap it around the back of the wreath, then repeat the process all the way around the wreath. Leave no more than 4-inch spaces between the thread.

anchor thread to branch
weaving needle through mosswrap thread around the back of wreath

3. Add embellishments, weaving the ends through the moss and securing to the branches of the wreath.

add embellishments
more embellishments

4. Lay a ribbon under the wreath, wrap it around the wreath and tie a bow at the front, just below the embellishments. I wrapped the ribbon twice before tying the bow.

wrap the ribbon
wrap twice, if you like
tie a bow

5. Hang up the wreath!

Mossy Wreath

Inspired by this wreath.


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