Various & Sundries: Christmas Edition

Catching up on all the Christmas crafting… Projects from the last two months.

A Christmas Apron

I have it on good authority that Emily’s sister has been coveting the criss-cross apron I made for her back in 2010. Now, she has her very own. I hope she loves it!


Christian’s Froggy Quilt

My sister-in-law asked me to recreate my nephew’s baby quilt, made lovingly by a dear friend who has since passed away. The original quilt, which has been well-loved since Christian’s birth, is in tatters. The new, larger quilt uses the exact same (now out-of-print!) fabric. My first successfully machine-quilted quilt! This project will forever be remembered as the quilt that made love quilting.


Avie’s Sweatshirt

I made my nephew, Christian, this personalized t-shirt when he turned 6, and my sister-in-law suggested his sister, Avie, might like one for her 6th birthday. But my color printer unfortunately gave up the ghost, so instead I used iron-on letters and freezer-paper stenciled the pterodactyl, Avie’s favorite dinosaur. Happy Birthday, Aves, my fellow Christmas baby!


Coin Purses & Lip Balms

For all the women in my family, old and new, Merry Christmas! Unfortunately, only half of them have received their Christmas gifts, but better late than never. Coin purse tutorial here, lip balm recipe to come!


Trail Mix Jars

For all the men in my family, Merry Christmas! And it’s even gluten-free: almonds, peanuts, cashews, raisins and M&Ms!


DIY Christmas Slipper Socks

I got a package of tube socks and used puffy paint to embellish and write the names of my four oldest nieces and nephews, plus Abram. Didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped (I was thinking dark, colorful socks, glow in the dark puffy paint), but ah well. You win some, you lose some.



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