About Gi

Nurture my family. Serve my neighbor. Love my enemy.

Give freely. Work hard. Get dirty.

Forgive. Live. Breathe.

Be faithful.

“The body characterizes everything it touches. What it makes it traces over with the marks of its pulses and breathings, its excitements, hesitations, flaws, and mistakes. On its good work, it leaves the marks of skill, care, and love persisting through hesitations, flaws, and mistakes. And to those of us who love and honor the life of the body in this world, these marks are precious things, necessities of life.” ~ Wendell Berry


5 thoughts on “About Gi

  1. let’s PLAN a real masquerade ball
    with great costumes
    live orchestra
    the works.

    it could be a fundraiser for the sem or something

    who could afford to put it together?
    who could afford to go?

    but wouldn’t it be wonderful

    I get so excited about planning and doing things but the urgent and immediate often swallows up the time needed to chase my fancy, grand dreams

    thanks for doing a blog- I’d much rather comment on yours than set one up myself

  2. I loved everything about this. It made me feel warm and cozy!

    Gina, you’ve got it all! You are one lucky person!

    P.S. I wish I could order the aprons.

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