Envelope Bag

I don’t know if an “envelope bag” is an actual thing, I just made that up because this bag is skinny like an envelope instead of gusseted. I suppose if it had a triangle-shaped closure it might be more like an envelope. But that is neither here nor there.

I didn’t use a pattern or tutorial for this one, it was just sewn up on the fly. It was a fairly successful project, all things considered, though my French seams are a bit funkified. I’m loving the the combination of sky blue toile with solid espresso-colored straps, though. I hope my sister-in-law loves it, too.

Happy Birthday, Karena!


6 thoughts on “Envelope Bag

  1. Love it! Thank you so much and I have no idea what half of the words are you used to describe it, but I think it’s beautiful and you are amazing! Thank you Gi!!!!

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